#PowerCamo pattern was first introduced in SS18 for the street wear brand Yoroshiku 4649

The new range of bold, beautiful British Yoroshiku kit features much-loved 4649 Camo pattern with bright and empowering ‘power colours’.
The lookbook for this new range of bold, empowering British Yoroshiku was shot by Irish photographer Ruth Guest with models Ade of Blackfish Collective and a contemporary dancer Layo.
In usual Yoroshiku manner, this is a collective project of a diverse group that truly represents the reality of this melting pot of culture, LDN town.
Yoroshiku premiered this new collection on the first-ever “homecoming” popup in Japan, showing off the latest pieces to worldwide traders as well as public audience in Tokyo.
#PowerCamo digital wallpapers are free to download from:
here (Aka)  |  here (AkaKuro)  |  here (Jungle)

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