On July 2017, Yoroshiku 4649 run exhibition for 3 weeks in Brixton, south London titled #BritishBuilt. 

The exhibition was to celebrate the launch of the brand's first premium collection '#BritishBuilt'; the range of comfy streetwear entirely designed & produced in UK.

The stunning visual was shot by photographer Alfonso Gavilán with models MauriceAde & Princess of Blackfish Collective in east London.
Teaser footages and images were posted on the brand's social media pages towards the opening of the exhibition.
The models Blackfish Collective has performed on the opening night of the exhibition to celebrate the great creativity this localy-met-yet-worldwide collaboration brought. 

Music on the night was also provided by MrSandman (Team United80), Gonzi (CDR) and oto (NessRadio).
Slideshow featuring behind the scenes of the shoot were played on the projector throughout the night.
Under her moniker oto, Yumi has also created a mix for 4649's NessRadio show to spread the word about the exhibition. This hour-long mix is filled with tunes which inspired or by the project.

Stream/download the playlist mix online here
Read more about the project at Yoroshiku 4649 site

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