Matcha Camo pattern was first introduced in SS17 as the very first #BritishBuilt collection from the street wear brand Yoroshiku 4649.

This radical new range of comfortable streetwear is entirely designed and produced in the UK - over the year chief designer YUM has travelled across Britain to select only the best materials and most skilful craftsmen, and to inspect every step of manufacturing.

The pattern features much-loved 4649 Camo pattern in much subtler faded colour palette.
Photo Credit: Alfonso Gavilán with models MauriceAde & Princess of Blackfish Collective
The capsule collection was launched at in-store event @ United80 in Brixton, London. Teasers were posted on social media channels towards the event.
A special mix was created for 4649's NessRadio show to spread the word about the release. This hour-long mix is filled with tunes from UK artists, who inspired the project.

Stream/download the playlist mix online here
Download Matcha Camo free digital wallpapers here
Read more about #BritishBuilt Match Camo Collection here

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