'4649 Camo' for the street wear brand Yoroshiku 4649 was first introduced in SS14. It is made up of the Japanese katakana characters for Yoroshiku, arranged in an unique camouflage pattern. 
3 different colourways were introduced to start with and test the market - and all of them were proved to be popular attracting different audiences.
Yoroshiku Crest (aka 'Panda Crest') was introduced for SS16 after the success of 4649 Camo. In effort to spread the same hidden message as camouflage in more screen print-friendly way, the crest is inspired by 'Kamon'; Japanese traditional and unique family Crest. Plus it looks like a cute panda.

Keen-eyed observers will see the “Yoroshiku” message hidden in many places throughout Yoroshiku 4649’s collection.
Download '4649 Original Camo' free wallpaper here

Download 'Yoroshiku Crest' free wallpapers here

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