"WARUGAKI" - literary translates as 'Bad Boy', is our new collection with Japanese Bōsōzoku-inspired premium denim  brand @tokkou_bld 🏍️🔥

Exclusive drop was initially dropped  @we_are_yugen 🇯🇵 #Yoroshiku
The lookbook for this new range of bold, empowering British Yoroshiku was shot by Irish photographer Ruth Guest with models Ade of Blackfish Collective and a contemporary dancer Layo.
This collaboration has lead to further expansion of creativity, thanks to the special mood shoot with the team YUGEN:

Creative director: Verginia Stoyanova - @vforverginia
Produced by: YUGEN - @we_are_yugen
Photography: Michael Du @mptongdu
Styling: Alina Wang - @a.w.qz
Styling Assistant: Sophie Bourgeois @laurasophiebourgeois
Hair: Yuho Kamo @yuhokamo
Make-up: Haymi @haymi_mua
Models: @_wzengyu_@harrywestcott_
Fashion: Tokkou - @tokkou_bld, Yoroshiku 4649 - @4649co

#Arigato 🙏

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